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a clothing brand, for babies and children, involved in organic & chic!

How did the risu risu risu brand come about ?

The brand was born in response to a need: “to dress my children with pretty clothes, and with verified traceability”

Camille, the founder keen on children’s fashion, convinced by organic products for a long time, she instils the principles of an ecological life in her large family because she has 6 children fed on soya beans and steaks.

What was the trigger ?

After starting out in management control, Camille delivered organic cosmetics in Italy and Spain, then opened an organic baby shop 10 years ago in Saint Germain des Prés, before finally being able to accommodate her passion for children’s fashion and ecology by launching risu risu in 2014 to create the most beautiful organic clothes possible.

In default of finding organic fabrics that meet our quality criteria, we went for the development of our own jersey to make it as soft as possible on children’s skin.

Jersey is a material specially adapted to children because it is very comfortable. After 2 years of work we have obtained our exclusive double-sided jersey, pricked with the squirrel pattern, the RISU-RISU mascot.

This jersey is certified organic by the GOTS association, cotton & dye.

 What are the essential values in the design of your brand / product ? 

Having products manufactured nearby is a logical involvement for risu risu and in keeping with the brand’s values in order to reduce pollution caused by transport. 

All levels of production follow a responsible approach: we prefer fabrics made in Europe, dyeing is achieved in France or Europe, tailoring is entrusted to small family workshops in Spain. 

Our artisanal making method allows us to optimize the fabric, small pieces such as underwear are cut on what remains of dresses or blouses. 

Our mascot, the squirrel, is the wild animal of our regions. He is agile, his tail is very soft and he knows how to perfectly manage the wealth that nature offers him. And in Japanese, squirrel is called risu, pronounced “risou”, it’s even softer !

 What are the essential values to transmit to our children for a greener world ? 

“Less is more”. The act of consumption is a civic act, we must be more vigilant about what we consume. The essential organic product in Camille’s children’s suitcase: underwears, “it’s still the first contact with our skin ! »

ilivebio & risu risu risu 

we like the softness of the materials & the chic and timeless cuts 

Organic & trendy selection by superheroins

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