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Whether in the world of beauty, fashion, home, grocery and children, we carefully work on our selections.

Also we test the products, and we only select the products we like and like to use every day.

In the beauty category you will find all products for body and face. Body care, face care, make-up and hygiene, we have selected products for organic and trendy beauty.

Natural and organic products selected for the quality of their ingredients and their environmentally friendly manufacturing methods.

We are also vigilant in finding products that move towards a zero waste bathroom.

What are the simple products to adopt for a zero-waste bathroom?

Reusable washable cotton pads are a simple first step towards a zero waste bathroom. There are different sizes of reusable washable cotton pads. That's why we have selected different brands, so that everyone can find what they need. For example, the reusable washable cottons from les inspyrées are cream-coloured in organic cotton with two sides depending on the use. The reusable washable cottons from Wake me up Paris or Snö Eternelle are square and have a colored side which helps to hide the traces when removing makeup. All these washable cottons are efficient, washable, comfortable. It's up to you to choose and test!

Among other zero waste products we also have bamboo toothbrushes. Also the cup is part of our zero waste selection.

Then among the body products we have selected body oils, balms and scrubs. All these products are made from natural organic ingredients. Oils that can be used both in summer and winter, ideal for nourishing and repairing your skin. Natural raw materials such as fruits and flowers grown and processed in France, by responsible and environmentally conscious producers. A perfect mix of ingredients to repair, preserve and illuminate your skin.

We have selected oils and body balms so that everyone can find the right product for their skin. Body oils and balms can also be complementary. We like the natural scents of these oils and balms. A real pleasure every day.

Moisturizing your body is one important step, washing yourself is another. Today's zero-waste cleansers are soaps. There are many natural soaps available. Soaps for the body, for the face, for the hair. Cold pressed natural soaps that allow you to wash gently without damaging the skin. Natural soaps suitable for the whole family, young and old. Handcrafted soaps without essential oils. Everyone can find the most suitable soap. Unscented soaps or naturally scented soaps with essential oils.

Today there are many organic cosmetic products for the face. For our selection of facial cosmetics we have chosen products with natural organic ingredients in glass bottles. Among the face cosmetic care products there are different oils for different uses. One of the oils we like very much is plum oil. Plum oil has a rather raw scent. Plum oil is rich in vitamin E. It is lipid-replenishing and energizing.

It has excellent nourishing power for dry to very dry skin.

It is an oil that helps to awaken the radiance and combat the daily effects of pollution on our skin. Natural oils have the particularity of having scents close to nature. It is a real pleasure to apply. Plum oil, mirabelle plum oil, hazelnut oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil. All these organic oils have their own particularity. The hazelnut oil is often very appreciated by children for its greedy side. Organic oils are effective and naturally moisturize your skin.

Among the facial cosmetic care we also have creams. Natural day creams rich in vegetable oils. Also the skin is fresh, smoothed, illuminated and as if plumped up. These are natural moisturizing and regenerating cosmetic treatments. Creams that can be used as serums. These cosmetic care products contain a concentrate of exceptional moisturizing active ingredients: hyaluronic acid of plant origin, aloe vera, hazelnut oil. Hyaluronic Acid of plant origin is obtained by bio-fermentation. Its water retention capacity gives it its visco-elastic properties. The skin regains its elasticity and is hydrated again. Highly effective in anti-wrinkle and firming treatments.

Aloe vera is an oily plant well known for the moisturizing properties of the gel, extracted from its leaves. Its gel is a remarkable skin regenerator, healing and soothing.

Organic hazelnut vegetable oil is known for its wonderful properties: non-comedogenic, it balances the sebum production of oily skin. Protective, repairing and softening. Mirabelle plum oil is a very rare oil because mirabelle plums are mainly cultivated in Eastern France.

It is an oil known for its softening and nourishing properties. Borage oil is exceptionally rich in vitamin E. ODEN Borage Oil is recommended for repairing cellular tissues. Borage is the richest oil in gamma-linolenic acid, a rare fatty acid of the omega-6 family. It restores suppleness, elasticity and tone to dehydrated skin, which it nourishes without clogging. ODEN Evening Primrose Oil is a cosmetic treasure for dull skin. It is an ideal care for revitalizing grey and tired skin. Regenerating, it preserves the skin from premature ageing. It is recommended to prevent the signs of aging.

Among our cosmetic treatments we have oils containing essential oils and oils without essential oils. Essential oils in addition to their therapeutic virtues bring an olfactory pleasure. Essential oils have a soothing and relaxing power. Sometimes you just have to be careful with the use of essential oils.

Also in our beauty routine we give a large place to make-up removal. Make-up removal is an essential step. It is important to remove make-up every evening. Among our make-up removal treatments we have make-up removers with oleocalcaire liniment. Also it has been specially formulated for the gentle removal of make-up from the face and eyes. Made from organic vegetable oils of olive, avocado, hemp and German chamomile extract.

One of the steps of make-up removal is also the application of hydrolat. The organic hydrolate helps to give radiance to the skin. Organic lavender hydrolate, rose hydrolate, chamomile hydrolate, a hydrolate adapted to your skin type. Hydrolat or floral water you will always find what you are looking for. For example, rose water is a tonic that is suitable for all skin types and helps to reduce redness and irritation. Rose hydrolate is suitable for all skin types, especially irritated, problem, mature, dry and sensitive skin. As for lavender water, it is a tonic care that is suitable for all skin types and helps to reduce redness and irritation. And finally, chamomile water is a tonic that is suitable for all skin types and helps to reduce redness and irritation.

Taking care of your skin, your face, each step is important : make-up, make-up removal, eye contour.

We propose a natural eye contour care. Once again, the products you apply to your face are as important as the ones you eat. A natural eye contour care is therefore the best answer.

Organic make-up is an integral part of our beauty routine. Today there are many organic make-up products available. Lipstick, lip balm, blushes, make-up has many facets. Having pretty lips with natural products is a plus. Organic lipsticks today offer many textures. Lipsticks made with Ingredients from organic farming.

Each one will be able to find her happiness and to make herself beautiful naturally. Lipstick, green varnish, all beauty products are now available in organic.

Green varnish for adults and varnishes for children who go in the water. It's fun and harmless.

We are very proud and happy with the cosmetic brands we work with. They each have their own particularity, their quality. Each product is unique and made with passion. The content is very rich and the container is environmentally friendly.

Respect your skin with quality products. The ingredients present in nature are of a great richness and thus make it possible to produce high quality products. Let's take advantage of what nature offers us and what designers make of it. Healthy and natural beauty every day!

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