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Chic & Green marketplace
Concept store chic & green

Concept store chic & green

As a fresh start after a beautiful summer, we are excited to open a new ilivebio concept store for the next 4 weeks.   And this time we will be settling down at 140 avenue Victor Hugo, Paris 16.   This is the opportunity for you to discover our chic & green...

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Fruits & Vegetables of the moment

Fruits & Vegetables of the moment

Is there any better way to refresh yourself than with good fresh vegetables and fruits?  Summer brings juicy fruits and colorful vegetables to delight our eyes and taste buds! These fruits and vegetables are essential. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibres...

10 simple steps for a Chic & Green planet

10 simple steps for a Chic & Green planet

10 simple actions for a smart & green planet 1. Fostering clean modes of transport In French urban areas, 40% of car trips are less than 3 km long ! An even stronger trend in Paris, 42% of trips are less than 10 km and 12% less than 5 km ! Even if daily use of...

Top 5 Greenest Cities

Top 5 Greenest Cities

 TOP 5 OF THE MOST GREATEST CITIES Cities are responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions. It is time to go green and implement technologies to enable these urban territories to develop in a sustainable way. Discover our top 5 cities that are involved in ecology...

the top of natural sun creams

the top of natural sun creams

You’re almost there: you’re about to pack your suitcase and in a few days, it’s time to go on holiday !   Which sunscreen products you will f it in your suitcase ?   We’ve prepared our selection of 100% mineral sunscreen and skincare products,...

New brands 

Barr Sweden

Risu Risu

Les Huilettes

Our values

ilivebio market place, for an organic and trendy lifestyle.

We work with brands with who we share the same values and vision.

Know-how: control of the entire production chain: choice and selection of raw materials, manufacturing method. Selection and choice of materials with respect for the environment and the well-being of those who wear them

Transmission: to our children, what our parents, grandparents taught us -  common sense, the seasons, listening to nature. To enjoy working in respect for materials and people with methods and principles that are often forgotten, reappropriated to offer us quality products manufactured in respect for materials and the environment

Respect: for the environment; for seasons, raw materials, time; respect for human work and the well-being of those who wear them



Integrity: adopting an honest and conscious approach throughout the production chain

Consciousness: of the environment in which we operate, and the importance of preserving it by offering products designed with awareness throughout the full production chain.

Our superheroins

Prénom : Astrid

Ville, Pays : ile Maurice

identité bio : Astrid, parisienne, expatriée à l’ile Maurice, active, maman de 3 enfants. Astrid est convaincue depuis longtemps des bienfaits du bio, adepte depuis maintenant plusieurs années des produits de beauté bio & d’une alimentation bio. Elle le fait pour elle, pour sa famille et parce qu'elle est consciente qu'il est plus qu'important de prendre soin de notre mère nature .

Prénom : Marion

Ville, Pays : Paris, France

identité bio : Marion, parisienne, active, maman de 3 enfants ayant plaisir à faire son marché et trouver les meilleurs produits bio pour organiser de belles tablées avec sa famille & ses amis.


Ville, Pays : Gant, Belgique

identité bio : Liesbeth, maman heureuse d’un petit garçon de 2 ans et coureuse de semi marathon. Par n’importe quel temps c’est en vélo qu’elle va de la garderie au travail, bravo ! elle aime aussi fabriquer ses nettoyants elle-même, 100% naturel !

Organic & trendy selection by superheroins

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