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Birth gift inspiration

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Christmas gift inspiration

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3 websites to practice yoga at home

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Concept store chic & green

Concept store chic & green

As a fresh start after a beautiful summer, we are excited to open a new ilivebio concept store for the next 4 weeks.   And this time we will be settling down at 140 avenue Victor Hugo, Paris 16.   This is the opportunity for you to discover our chic & green...

Fruits & Vegetables of the moment

Fruits & Vegetables of the moment

Is there any better way to refresh yourself than with good fresh vegetables and fruits?  Summer brings juicy fruits and colorful vegetables to delight our eyes and taste buds! These fruits and vegetables are essential. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibres...

ilivebio is a marketplace with a selection of beauty, home, fashion, children’s and grocery chic and green products. 

We have made the choice with ilivebio to consume responsibly on a daily basis. With quality products, respectful of the environment but without neglecting design.

Who are we?

We are two working moms in our forties, 3 children each with a French-Swedish culture. Active, conscious of the importance of organic products, we founded ilivebio to share with you how organic products have simply become part of our daily life. In the same way our desire is to give inspiration for a healthier and more natural way of living living our values.
So when we created ilivebio there was the desire to return to the essentials, the basics. First by understanding the products, to know what we consume, to know the names of the ingredients. These are ultimately essential things that we all need to be aware of. Consequently, to return to simple gestures, to appreciate the product for what it is as a whole. The quality of the contents and the beauty of the product itself.

What are our selection criteria at ilivebio?

First of all, our selection is based on the quality and sincerity that can be found behind each brand. Also the history of the brands, their work, their eco-responsible approach are essential elements of our selection. 
The majority of the brands are French or European. And we are also attentive to the production chain, to the selection of ingredients and materials, and to their origin.
Indeed we work with producers and designers with whom we share the same values and a common vision.
More precisely, five values are essential and determining for us.
Essential value, the control of the entire production chain, the choice and selection of raw materials, manufacturing methods. All these elements are essential data and are proof of a transparent eco-responsible approach. The selection and choice of materials with respect for the environment are also essential. Manufacturing with the well-being of those who will use the product in mind is a fundamental element.
The transmission
to our children. Learning with what our parents, grandparents taught us, common sense, the seasons, listening to nature. Loving to work in the respect of materials and humans with methods and principles often forgotten. To reappropriate gestures to offer us quality products made with respect for the material and the environment.
The respect 
that of the environment; of the seasons, of raw materials, of the weather. Respect for human work and the well-being of those who carry, use and consume the final product.
adopt an honest and conscious approach throughout the production chain
of the environment in which we operate, and the importance of preserving it by offering products that are conscientiously designed throughout the production chain.
These values guide us in our choices. They are mandatory criteria in our selections.

Who do we work with?

Indeed it is essential for us to meet and get to know the creators. First of all, they must be able to tell us about the background, the history behind their products. Generally speaking, the brands we work with have chosen to work in an eco-responsible way. To offer quality products, to go back to basics. Most of them have gone through major changes in life, with the desire to focus on the essential and thus share this passion with as many people as possible.
So consuming responsibly is part of a global approach, a refocusing on what is important.
It’s part of becoming aware of oneself, of others and of the world in which we live. Therefore this awareness is essential. And we thank the brands every day for the great work they do. The possibility for us consumers to consume quality products, which do us good.
So how can we consume responsibly, less in volume but with higher quality products.
Whether in the world of beauty, fashion, home, grocery and children, we are attentive to the quality of the products we select.

So how can we consume responsibly, using less but with higher quality products.

Whether in the world of beauty, fashion, home, grocery and children, we are attentive to the quality of the selected products.
We test many products, and we only select the products we like and use every day.
So in the beauty category we like to go back to essential products.
First of all soaps. For the face, for the body, for the hair the soaps are essential in our daily life and they make the whole family happy. Also oils and hydrolats are an integral part of our daily life. Lavender and rose hydrolats are an integral part of our beauty rituals. So for the face, for the body we like the raw aspect of the material, the quality and the good it gives us.
Also in our bathroom we are looking to consume better and strive towards zero waste.
Since zero waste means less plastic, less disposable containers. As an example, zero waste is achieved through products such as organic washable cottons. Also, all the brands we work with use a limited number of ingredients in order to be in a zero waste approach. The quality of the ingredient must be found in the product. Whether it is in body, face or make-up products, the approach is the same. Many raw materials come from France. 

In the same way, in our homes, we are trying to move towards a more responsible consumption.

This is why we select natural and warm materials for ilivebio. The white sheepskins that give a warm aspect to our interior. Warmth and cosiness decorating with candles, a selection of natural candles with invigorating scents. Candles, yoga mats, eco-responsible water bottle. Essentials for our daily routine.
The same for our children. Our children’s skin is delicate, so it is essential to respect it. That’s why the brands we work with use GOTS certified organic cotton.
First of all, the softness of organic cotton and the natural fibres are a guarantee of quality. Little panties, underwear in organic cotton respecting the skin of our children. But also cuddly toys, nappies, pacifiers, pacifier holders, wooden toys. A selection for ilivebio of organic and trendy products for the greatest happiness of the little ones. Finally wooden toys, traditional toys such as the game of the 7 families in eco responsible materials and recycled paper.
Similarly in our fashion selection we seek to combine modernity with the quality of natural materials.
Also for ilivebio we select brands that work with this same vision. Organic cotton, recycled materials, upcycling. Today’s fashion proposes a nice way to consume differently and better. A fashion that also thinks about pregnant and breastfeeding women. Nursing clothes in organic cotton, breastfeeding snacks or for pregnant women, everything is thought to live better. Thus beautiful nursing clothes that allow you to breastfeed discreetly but beautifully.   

Finally the grocery store is also an essential step in our way of consumption.

Pay attention to what we consume. Be careful of what you eat. Eating and drinking organic is part of a global approach. And that is why respect for producers, respect for the seasons and diversity are essential. In France we are lucky to have a great wealth in the production of vegetables, fruits and raw materials. The brands we work with do an exceptional job in the search for taste while using high quality raw materials.
But the brands don’t stop at the contents and also seek to provide eco-responsible packagings, with the same zero-waste approach.
Recycled cardboard, glass jars, fabric bags. So everything is thought out as a whole. This is why we talk about a global approach. Granolas, snacks, infusion, teas, popcorn, spreads, a selection of quality products, organic ingredients. Organic sweet and savoury granolas, snacks for pregnant and breastfeeding women, popcorn. But also reusable packaging with bee wrap or bamboo straws, always in this zero waste approach.

Thus fashion, children’s fashion, home, beauty, grocery, all eco-responsible brands work globally.

The product is certainly important, but packaging is also crucial. It is part of a process of consuming better. So banning plastic and using recycled materials is part of the eco-responsible cycle and the zero waste approach.
It is also important for us ilivebio to select brands in France and in Europe because we feel deeply European. France is full of treasures and we are very happy to work with French brands. But we are also very happy to work with European brands. Taking the best from each country. Taking advantage of the richness and knowledge of every country in Europe is great every day. It’s because every gesture is important that together we are stronger. This also applies to the eco-responsible work produced by each country.
Thus the countries of the North produce products of very high quality in the world of cosmetics. They put into the product all the richness that nature brings them.
In fact, many brands in the fashion world work with Portugal. A country that today has GOTS certified factories.
It is also great to see that in Europe we work with the same desire to do better, to consume better. That’s why we are happy with ilivebio to contribute to this new momentum. Finally, being organic on a daily basis is a great lesson for the future. ilivebio is organic everyday.

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